- 06 Bedroom Luxury Residence -
Architectural Designing and 3D Visualization Project for a Proposed Residence
Location:- Sri Lanka
The details of this residence are as follows.
Ground Floor (2050 sq. ft total floor area)
- Living Area with a Double Height Ceiling
- Dining and Kitchen Area
- Indoor Courtyard
- Foyer area
- Two Standard Bedrooms
- Common Bathroom
- Auxiliary Kitchen Area
- 02-Car Carport

Second Floor (1593 sq. ft total floor area)
- Family TV Area
- Common Balcony Area
- Library and Reading Area
- Master Bedroom with Open Balcony
- Master Bathroom
- 03 Standard Bedrooms
- Common Bathroom

Roof Top with Covered Spaces (1633 sq. ft total floor area)
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